Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Ode to 100 Yen Stationery

Oh, how I long for the days where I could go into a hundred yen shop and buy riduculous stationery to my heart's content!

When I lived in Japan, one of my pasttimes was shopping in the 100 yen stores - where everything really is 100 yen ($1), AND it's practical stuff (NOT like dollar stores here in the US where most of it is garbage). And you could find some real treasures in their in terms of their comedic value.

My all-time favorite 100-yen purchase was a mug, the first mug I bought in Japan. Sadly, the mug shattered a few months ago, but I did manage to write down the poetry before I threw the pieces away. It read:

I hope to fly! (caterpiller)

the sky is and wants me
when I can fly! (birds)

Look at our beautiful legs
All our acts look like dancing (flamingos)

If I flew more and more high,
If I were free to swim in the blue sky,
Through this blue sea!! (Dolphins and whales)

Let’s walk more slowly today.
I can walk faster, but I feel like doing (armadillo).

What a pretty flower!
Oh….Something has a break on my nose.
My nose tickles. (Dog)

This is my lvely place!
My friends, little bard,
be coming soon.
(Deer and birds)

I was sad my favorite mug broke, but the words live on.

Hundred yen stationery was equally delightful, and in a similar, nonsensical vein. I've talked about 100 yen stationery in previous posts, but I needed to write about it again today, because I found some in a local shop and it brought back memories.

This particular set says "Look! Isn't that dog cute? Is it a dachshund? It looks like our dog but much longer." Now, this actually makes more sense than most 100 yen stationery. One of my favorites was called "Cool bone guy". It had skulls and crosses on it, and it said:
"I am cool bone guy. Girls are gutlessnesses in such me."
Gutlessnesses. Gutlessnesses?! One can imagine what he was going for, that Cool Bone Guy....

The 100 yen stationery at my local shop sold for a whopping $4.80. I still bought it. It also made me realize that I should start a 100 yen stationery importing business.

The other fantastic thing about 100 yen stationery is that it comes in a set with matching envelopes and stickers, making the letter writing process that much more enjoyable!

This is my ode to the 100 yen stationery!

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